When you join HASSRA you automatically become a member of one of HASSRA’s 12 regional associations - which one depends on your place of work. This ensures you can enjoy all the activities and benefits in your area, including membership of your local office club.

  • Each region is led by a regional board of management made up of elected volunteers and a chairperson. They are there to take a strategic view of the running of the region and how its resources should be used for the benefit of members. Regional boards also support local clubs and play an important part in decision-making at national level on behalf of their members
  • Local office clubs are run by volunteers and vary considerably in size and activities they offer. As at regional level, clubs rely on volunteers to organise events and generally keep things moving. Like many organisations, HASSRA, relies on its volunteers who work tirelessly for the benefit of all members. They deserve every support we can give them.
  • Every one of us as HASSRA members can influence what’s going on in our regions and clubs– we just have to get involved! HASSRA regional associations and clubs are always on the look-out for volunteers who can spare time to help make the local and regional scene as active and vibrant as it can be.
  • But whether you want to become a volunteer or just make a suggestion for a local activity, you can always contact your local club committee or regional board of management. And don’t forget, every HASSRA club and region holds an Annual General Meeting where you can find out what’s happened over the past year, what’s planned for the next year, and make your views known about what you want from your HASSRA.
  • So get involved and make the most of your membership!

Regional Contacts