Weekly Leaderboard.

Check out the weekly stats for the HASSRA Cycling Club 2023. 

Week ending 1st December

Running 011223

Week ending 24th November


Week ending 17th November

Cycling we 1711233

Week ending 10th November

Cy 111123v6

Week ending 3rd November

Cycling we 031123

Week ending 27th October

cycling we 271023

Week ending 20th October

Cycling we 201023

Week ending 13th October 

Cycling we 131023

Week ending 6th October

Cycling we 06-10v.docx

Week ending 29th September

Cycling we 29-09

Week ending 22nd September 

Cycling we 220923

Week ending 15th September

Cycling WE 160961

Week ending 8th September

Cycling 090923

Week ending 1st September

Cycling w-e 020923

Week Ending 25th August

Cycling w-e 260823

Week Ending 18th August

Cycling w-e 180823

Week Ending 11th August

Cycling w-e 110823

Week Ending 4th August

Strava Cycling we 040823

Week Ending 28th July 

strava cycling we280723

Week Ending 21st July 

Strava cycling we210723

Week Ending 30th June 

Strava cycling we300623

Week Ending 23rd June 

Strava cycling we230623

Week Ending 16th June 

Strava cycling we160623

Week Ending 9th June 

Strava cycling we090623

Week Ending 2nd June 

Strava cycling we020623

Week Ending 26th May 

Strava cycling we260523

Week Ending 19th May 

Strava cycling we190523

Week Ending 12th May 

Strava cycling we120523

Week Ending 5th May 

Strava cycling we050523

Week Ending 28th April 

Strava cycling we280423

Week Ending 21st April  

Strava cycling we210423

Week Ending 14th April 

Strava cycling we140423

Week Ending 7th April 

Strava cycling we070423

Week Ending 31st March 

Strava cycling we31323

Week Ending 24th March 

Strava cycling we240323

Week Ending 17th March

Strava cycling we170323

Week Ending 10th March 

Straca cycling we100323

Week Ending 3rd March 

Strava cycling we030323

Week Ending 24th February 

Strava cycling we240223

Week Ending 17th February 

Strava Cycling we1702232

Week Ending 10th February

Strava cycling we100223

Week Ending 3rd February 

Strava cycling we030223

Week Ending 27th January

Strava cycling we270123

Week Ending 20th January 

Strava cycling we200123

Week Ending 13th January 

Strava cycling we130123

Week Ending 6th January 

Strava Cycling we060123