HASSRA Wales Sports Day 2024

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HASSRA Wales Sports Day - Friday 17th May 2024

Swansea University, Singleton Campus 

The venue at Swansea University, Singleton Campus has been confirmed for the 49th HASSRA Wales Sports Day to take place on Friday 17th May 2024.

Registration opens at 8.30

As always, you must be a current member of HASSRA Wales to take part in any event

HASSRA Wales are keen to use the occasion to select as many of our sporting competitors as possible for the HASSRA National Festivals 2024.

Events are :


Mixed relay  (This event must be entered by any club wanting to record points for events toward the Sports Day and/or Participation trophies)



dry tri part 1    Q

table tennis   Q

bowls (off site)    Q

mens 5 a side (off site)   Q

squash   Q

giant jenga

chess    Q


General knowledge quiz    Q


Give us a Clue  

badminton   Q


Ladies netball (outdoors)   Q

dry tri part 2     Q


Pop Quiz

Shuffleboard  will be an all day "drop in" event for pairs to record a score.

The golf  (Q) will also be off site and all tee off times will be given directly by the organiser.


Presentation of winners/runners up 

Festival events for which sports day will serve as a qualifier are  identified by (Q).

Please check, via the link below, that you are available to represent HASSRA Wales at the Festival should you win and advise the event organiser accordingly.

Festival dates are Friday 12th - Sunday 14th July and Friday 6th to Sunday 8th September.

Details of which events are at which Festival can be found here HASSRA Festivals

To enter an event at Sports Day  Click Here to go to the event. 

You can also reach the event via the events tab on HASSRA Live.