Dining Out Voucher Winners

Congratulations to all 4 of our winners in the recent Dining Out Competition

Jeanne Hambly £50

Kelsey Price £25

Krissy Phillips £25

Lin Mitchell £25

Wimbledon Competition Winners!

Congratulations to all 5 of our winners who found all 8 balls spelling out MORTIMER - Angela Mortimer was born in Plymouth and won  Wimbledon in 1961, she too won £20 but she had to spend hers on tennis related items! 

Claire Mervin

Siobhan Morris

Linda Sandell

Louise Ferris

Jennifer Northmore

Plymouth-born Angela Mortimer in her infamous shorts!

Coronation Competition Winners

Congratulationa to all the winners below who each won £25 for rightly identifying there had been 39 coronations at Westminster Abbely prior to the Coronation of King Charles III

 Claire Kerr

Steve Sanders

Helen Corley Joslin

Lindsay Holloway

Jo Fleming

Melanie Albino

J Hockley

JE Parkinson

Katherine Johnson

Rachel Ewings


World Cup Winners

Image result for world cup football free images

Congratulations to all 5 winners who correctly identified that Germany was the missing host!­  
Neil Yelland
Karen Lane
Tracey Couchman
Patricia Dickson
Sharon Olney
Please check your emails for details of how to claim your prize!