HASSRA South East Winners

Photography Competition Winners

January/­February 2021


Winner : Malcolm Fairman 

Runner-Up: Jamie Harwood


Winner : Malcolm Fairman

Runner-Up: Maggie Smith


Winner : Clint Williams

Runner-Up: Sue Cooke


Winner : Hayley Hamill

Runner-Up: Matt Sheen

Seen on a Walk

Winner : Liam Willis

Runner-Up: Liam Willis


Winner : Sue Cooke

Runner-Up: Sue Cooke

Overall Best photo: Liam Willis

Overall Runner-up: Liam Willis


You can find the photographs on HASSRA Flickr click here to view (please note: you will not be able to follow this link on a Department computer)


Fake Cake Bake-Off

January/­February 2021

Winners: Joy Brown & Heidi Widgery

Runners-up: Clint Williams & Tracy Champion


You can find the photographs on HASSRA Flickr click here to view (please note: you will not be able to follow this link on a Department computer)


Christmas Festivities Winners 

Newbury £100  
Cosham £50
Folkestone £50
Chatham £25
 Fareham    £25
Gatwick Diamond                                  £25
Ramsgate £25
Sittin­gbo­urne £25

Christmas Quiz Winners

Tony Warley £500
Kim Hoffman  £100
Darren Austin £100
Amanda Munday £100
 Bernadette Dollimore                      £100
Rodger Whitefield £100

Winners of the 'Getting ready for Christmas'/'Advent Calendar' draw

Laurie Preece Dartford £10 Love2shop voucher
Tracey Pepper Bognor Regis £20 Love2shop voucher
Toni Myers Hastings £30 Love2shop voucher
Susan Barton Brighton £40 Love2shop voucher
Gillian Binge Southampton £50 Love2shop voucher
Claire Bragger Hastings CSAC            £60 Love2shop voucher
Fallon White Hastings £70 Love2shop voucher
Poppy Alexander Byrne           Chatham £80 Love2shop voucher
Samuel Rose Bognor Regis £90 Love2shop voucher
Megan Jones Chatham £100 Love2shop voucher
Carol Spencer Portsmouth £110 Love2shop voucher
Deborah Helmer Canterbury £120 Love2shop voucher
Emma Hall Oxford £130 Love2shop voucher
Lucy Fright Ramsgate £140 Love2shop voucher
Melanie Dowling Hastings £150 Love2shop voucher
Tina McNaught Chatham £160 Love2shop voucher
Jacqueline Aves Canterbury £170 Love2shop voucher
Susan Sheehan Chatham £180 Love2shop voucher
Nicola Seal Fareham £190 Love2shop voucher
Andrea McPhee Eastbourne £200 Love2shop voucher
Rachel Price Crawley £210 Love2shop voucher
Julie Haigh Brighton £220 Love2shop voucher
Stephen Gorski Epsom £230 Love2shop voucher
Pete Antonia Hastings £240 Love2shop voucher

Winners of the HASSRA South East 'Fun and Free'

450 Entries

Mrs Jillian Farrelly - Hastings CSAC  Mrs JE White - Retired
Mr Robert Weatherley-Day - Chatham   Mr Stephen Murphy - Sheerness
Mr Clint Williams - Worthing Mrs Alice Owens - Retired
Mrs Jo-Ann Nagi - Sheerness Mrs Andrea Mason - Brighton
Mrs Dawn Snape - Canterbury Mrs Amanda Bradley - Canterbury

September Free Draw

Colin Castle - Tonbridge   Angela Williams - Canterbury
Jane Savage - Canterbury   Jane Hunt - Cosham
Sue Kernan - Folkestone  Lisa Merry - Milton Keynes
Annette Paris - Bracknell  CP Marritt - Retired
VG Urquart - Retired    Shalanaz Begum - Gosport

Arts and Craft Competition winners

south east anc winners1st prize with the Cat House was Kathy Gallie-Gasson from Horsham

Kathy also won one of the runner-up prizes with her Wolf lap tray.

Second runner-up was Paul Wyatt (retired) with his painting 'Home Safe'.

Third runner-up was Maggie Smith (retired) with 'Magpie Lodge'.

Fantasy Football 19/20 season winners

1st and £150 to David Sisley- Collett with his team ‘Sisco Inferno’ with 2240 points

2nd and £75 to Clint Williams with his team ‘Focka­do­od­ledoo’ with 2213 points

3rd and £50 to Graham Moss with his team ‘­SafcStarsky’ with 2141 points

4th and £25 to Adrian Davies and his team ‘Acejam’ with 2122 points.

And the ‘Wooden spoon’ prize of £25 for last place which goes to Tracy Champion with her team ‘Isle Dream’ with 1330 points.

Don't forget to join in with the 20/21 season of Fantasy Football with a chance to win great prizes!


Winners of the HASSRA South East Poetry & Short Story Competition


Winner: Sue Cooke  from the Isle of Wight with 'Reversal'

Runner-up: King Cheung from Brighton with 'Hegson'

Short Story

Winner: Tracy Champion from Ryde with 'The Lady on the Bench'

Runner-up: Clint Williams from Worthing with 'Hitler's last breath'

Runner-up: Maggie Smith retired with 'Colin's three wishes'

Winners of the HASSRA South East monthly free draw


Jenny Acris - South East     Margaret Kelly – Farnborough
Steve Aston – Reading     Alan McGory – Dartford
Jill Bowles – Southampton     Christopher Reece – Southampton
BL Farman – Retired     Jo Von Mehren – Newport IOW
Vicky Jasilek – Worthing     Louise Watkins – Ramsgate


Debra Forster – Sheerness Anne-Marie Hayton – Retired
Andy Godfrey – Hastings Wayne Marsh – Canterbury
Catherine Doel – Canterbury John Moylett – Newport IOW
Paul Clark – Hove Carol James – South East
Becky Green – Southampton    Damola Olaleye - Aylesbury


Laura Hart - Worthing                                Barrie Banks - Hastings
Anita Mitchell - Newport Harriet Bell - Farnborough
Mark Munn - Hastings Jan White - Retired
Gillian Artiss - Ramsgate Julija Ivanicka - Hastings
Joanne Steadman - Hastings    One Other


 Claire  Worman - Surrey                       Manjinder Sandhu - Dartford
Carrie Parker - Southampton Suzanne Minter - Worthing
Ian Heaney - Hastings CSAC Natasha Lawrence - Eastbourne