HASSRA South East Winners

Please remember, if you compete in a South East HASSRA event or competition your name may be noted here!

July 2021 Photography Competition Winners

Before Lockdown Winner : ‘No Social Distancing’ (Susie Cooke) Runner-Up: ‘Three Generations’ (Colin Groves)

Pop Art Winner : ‘Strawberry Flans’ (Maggie Smith) Runner-Up: ‘Pylons’ (Mark Lynn)

Portrait Winner: ‘Tobacco Worker’ (Susie Cooke) Runner-Up: ‘Smile’ (Marnie Williams)

Sky Winner: ‘Glorious Backdrop’  (Malcolm Fairman) Runner-Up: ‘Milky Way’ (Liam Willis)

Plants Winner: ‘Dandelion’ (Susie Cooke) Runner-Up: ‘Rain Grass’ (Mark Lynn)

Wildlife Winner: ‘Adder’ (Mark Dawson) Runner-Up: ‘Taste Of Summer’ (Tracey Jones)

Overall Joint Winners : ‘Glorious Backdrop’ And ‘Dandelion’

Find the photos on HASSRA Flickr

Euro Predictions Winners are:

All winners scored 110 points, so went to goal difference. 142 goals scored in tournament

Keith Waters – 8 goal difference - £100 Love to Shop Voucher

Colin Castle – 17 goal difference - £75 L2S voucher

Lewis Smith – 29 goal difference - £50 L2S voucher

Mark Munn – 34 goal difference - £50 L2S voucher

Colin De Ville- 35 goal difference - £50 L2S voucher

Mark Harrop – 40 goal difference - £50 Love to Shop voucher.

There were 58 entries

Fantasy Football League Euros

Clint Williams – 291 points £50 L2S voucher

David Sisley- Collett- 288 points £25 L2S voucher (was winner of the 20/21 League too)

Paul Hulford – 267 points £25 L2S voucher

Colin Castle – 263 points £25 L2S voucher

Jessie Williams – 19 points with a team called Designed to Lose and achieved last place £25 L2S voucher

There were 31 entries

Fantasy Football Premier League 20/21

The final winning team:

winner 20 21

1st - David Sisley-Collett  2540 points - £150

2nd – Tony Cook  2312 points - £75

3rd – Paul Houston 2226 points - £50

4th – John Russell  2226 points - £25

Last – Leon Deroe 1347 points - £25

Sefarers Map Winners

Mrs Michelle Hoffler

£100 Love2shop Voucher

Mr James Lawrence

£50 Love2shop Voucher


£50 Love2shop Voucher

Mr Christopher Pelling

£50 Love2Shop Voucher

Mrs Gemma Gibson

£50 Love2shop Voucher

Mr Sean Peter Lee

£50 Love2shop Voucher


£50 Love2Shop Voucher

Miss Maarja Moosus

£50 Love2shop Voucher


£50 Love2Shop Voucher

Photography Competition Winners

January/­February 2021


Winner : Malcolm Fairman 

Runner-Up: Jamie Harwood


Winner : Malcolm Fairman

Runner-Up: Maggie Smith


Winner : Clint Williams

Runner-Up: Sue Cooke


Winner : Hayley Hamill

Runner-Up: Matt Sheen

Seen on a Walk

Winner : Liam Willis

Runner-Up: Liam Willis


Winner : Sue Cooke

Runner-Up: Sue Cooke

Overall Best photo: Liam Willis

Overall Runner-up: Liam Willis

You can find the photographs on HASSRA Flickr click here to view (please note: you will not be able to follow this link on a Department computer)

Fake Cake Bake-Off

January/­February 2021

Winners: Joy Brown & Heidi Widgery

Runners-up: Clint Williams & Tracy Champion

You can find the photographs on HASSRA Flickr click here to view (please note: you will not be able to follow this link on a Department computer)