Cash for Clubs - Get engaged with HASSRA Live

£75 to start - then up to £100 per month!

It’s not until you run your first online event or competition that you really see how easy it is from start to finish. You’ll no longer have to worry about replying to lots of emails or undertaking membership eligibility checks, as HASSRA Live can do all this for you. Once you launch a competition, you can leave it running until the closing date and HASSRA Live will even check for correct answers and do the random draw to find your winners. You can also be sure that these events are safe, secure and genuine and you will receive notifications direct from HASSRA Live when you win a prize! It’s important that all events are recorded on HASSRA Live to enable us fully understand participation levels.

As way of an incentive, any club that successfully launches their first competition or event using HASSRA Live between now and 30th June 2024 will receive a cash bonus of £75 into their club account.

In addition to this, we want to encourage ongoing engagement with our fantastic online system. So any club that has already benefited from the initial £75 reward can also receive an additional £25 for further competitions or events launched before the end of June, up to a maximum of 4 per month. We want all our clubs to take up this opportunity and then consolidate your learning as quickly as possible. This will hopefully lead to increased engagement on HASSRA Live by both volunteers and members.

We are here to support you throughout. Please contact the HASSRA Live Help Desk for more information.